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Chairman Message

Merint Group has built a hard earned reputation as a preferred distributor for various manufacturing companies across the globe on the back of its unwavering commitment to perseverance and high standards of excellence. During its journey, it has steadfastly held firm to its impeccable belief systems and work culture, building a global brand that stands for world class quality and service.   


However, this has not been an overnight achievement as it has involved many man-hours spent in planning and executing the goals of the group. This success would not have been possible without the wholehearted contribution of our team of dedicated professionals, who, as a family, have played a vital role in helping us cross organizational milestones and achieving the goals of the group. We take pride in the fact that our success has gone hand in hand with the development and satisfaction of our employees and this is evidenced by the minimum labor turnover in our group.


With our strong financial stability, combined with great customer satisfaction and an enthusiastic management team, we have diversified into several segments of business over the years, albeit each segment has been carefully monitored and provided specialized / trained members to successfully cater to the specific requirements of that industry.


Being responsible citizens towards our society and environment, Merint Group has established MERINT FOUNDATION, which aims at providing relief for the underprivileged.


Efficiently running business in varied fields for over 3 decades, we are slowly but surely stepping up the ladder to establish the MERINT brand as a ‘one stop’ name in all the industries it caters.