IBA began its existence in 1986 and today it develops and markets leading edge technologies, pharmaceuticals and tailor-made solutions for healthcare with a focus on cancer diagnosis and therapy. Leveraging on its scientific expertise, IBA is also active in the field of industrial sterilization and ionization.

IBA’s activities can be majorly divided into the following categories: Molecular Imaging, Cyclotron solutions (with installations over 20 countries around the globe), Particle Therapy, Dosimetry, Drug Discovery, In Vitro Diagnositc, Steralization and Industry Solutions (undisputed leader in the supply of High-power electron beam accelerators).

The company’s head office is located in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium while the Asia Pacific Headquarter at Beijing.

Having a unique position in the radiopharmaceutical industry, IBA operates today, a network of 54 PET isotopes facilities, making it possible to provide its customers a back up supply with identical product, with minimal disturbance to its activities.

Merint has relentlessly put its efforts to assist IBA in achieving its mission ‘Protect, Enhance and Save Lives’, in the region(s) it represents IBA.

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