Saint Gobain

Saint Gobain, established in 1665 has set out as the world leader in the habitat and construction markets providing innovative solutions in emerging economies that are energy efficient and are for environmental protection.  Today it is among the top one hundred industrial groups worldwide.

The Group operates in 65 countries, with four main categories of activity, viz – Innovative Materials focusing on ceramics, performance polymers and glass fabrics; Construction products providing solutions in gypsum, thermal insulation, exterior products, industrial mortars and pipes; Building Distribution, a leading building materials distributor in Europe and the World’s number one for tiles; Packaging industry.

As an international organization, all the diverse and global activities of the Flat Glass division remain united under the single banner “Saint-Gobain Glass”.  Innovation and R&D being the key to Saint-Gobain’s undisputed success, it has also paved way for creations which can combine various glass functions to suit all needs, such as Bio-clean glass (for saving time and money on window cleaning), Privacy / Light controlling glass, acoustic insulation etc.

Merint has represented Saint Gobain ‘Exclusively’, for over three decades in the UAE and East African Markets with roaring success in promoting its Architectural Glass products.

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