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Building Contracts & Infrastructure

Merint recognized the shift towards urbanization in India in the early 90's and successfully diverted its energies towards developing world class infrastructure activities across the length and breadth of the country. In a short period of time-hardly five years to speak- the company, Merint Infrastructure Ltd, built a reputation for high quality work by leveraging its investment into state-of the art machinery, technical knowhow and the strength of its dedicated group of engineers.


With an eye on the future, it has opened branches in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi and Kolkata to gain further foothold in the emerging construction and infrastructure sector in India.   


Merint has substantial interest in the rising construction scene in India with special focus on constructing high rise buildings, commercial and residential properties, villas and residential houses, hotels, townships, hospitals etc.  To quote one such example- the villas constructed by Merint in The Lavasa Township, Pune, Maharashtra, has earned widespread acclaim for its flawless execution. 


The Infrastructure division offers equally brilliant portfolio in building stadiums, roads and bridges (flyovers), industrial projects, airport development etc.


Within a very short period of time Merint has taken the path, to be the chosen provider of construction and infrastructure solutions to its client all over India. 


Building Contracts / Construction

Merint Infrastructure Ltd (MIL) is specialized in the construction of:

  • High rise Building, commercial and residential
  • Villas/Residential Houses
  • Hotels
  • Town ships
  • Hospitals



Merint Infrastructure Ltd (MIL) has extended its portfolio in the infrastructure business, and undertakes contracts for construction of:

  • Stadiums
  • Roads and Bridges, including flyovers
  • Industrial Projects
  • Airport development etc