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Facade & Skylight Installations
Merint is one of the largest facade contractors in India with considerable experience in the engineering, manufacturing and installation of all types of facade systems. The company has undertaken several prestigious projects in India and the Middle East and has earned a well deserved reputation for its services which is second to none.

Merint's team of dedicated engineering professionals and craftsmen have constantly pushed the envelope in the field of innovation and development by collaborating with leading architects, contractors and clients in India and the Middle East. This pursuit of excellence has helped Merint to gain a strong foothold in its chosen field.

This division offers its expertise not only in the field of facade and skylight installations, but also in canopy installations, structural glazing, bolted glazing, metal cladding, roofing/sheeting work etc.


Skylight Installations

Sky light is a different usage of the day natural light that provides effective internal lighting .It is an opening in the roof surface which can be made of stainless steel, Aluminium or glass with a transparent or translucent material. It usually consists of a steel structure with aluminium cladding or steel structure with spider glazing or may be as a combination of both.

Also, it gives an interesting feature in increasing building market values by giving aesthetic look to the building as an architectural feature, through specifying both of the lighting control and shading strategy. The shapes of sky lights can be used as a straight or curve-shaped as it is considered as a distinctive architectural advantage.

For safety purpose, we use the laminated glass in the fabrication process as it is assembly consisting of two plies of glass which are bonded together by an interlayer material. It is more durable, weather resistant and minimizes the risk of glass breakage, which assures the glass protection.

Skylight exterior Aluminum finish can be Kynar or powder coating as per the requirements of the architect and to match the specified finish. The exterior aluminium surface of the skylight finish, thickness and color are specified as per the requirement of the engineer.

In installation phase, the sky light system should be in accordance with the instructions and standard of our system. It is also remarkably necessary to attach to structure to permit sufficient adjustment to accommodate construction tolerances and other irregularities.

For the testing, the skylight undergoes to the required quality tests from approved independent testing laboratories for the purpose of attesting and certifying the full compliance with the specifications like air tightness, water tightness, and wind load resistance.


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Canopies create an esthetical difference in modern architecture as it is used at the entrance of the building or as a decorative feature in the roof. It usually consists of steel structure with aluminum cladding or steel structure with spider glazing or combination of both. The purpose of using stainless canopy systems is to avoid the natural effects of the rain and snow.

The exterior steel finish shall be galvanized or hot deep galvanized which provides additional protection and isolation from the corrosive attacks of chlorides and sulphides, which can be specified as per the requirement of the project.

The aluminium cladding used in fabricating the canopy shall be (4) mm thick specified as per the structural calculations.

Whenever have glass canopy, always use the laminated glass in fabricating the canopy as it minimizes the risk of injury from glass breakage. the laminated glass is strongly resist pent ration of any object through the canopy due to the combination of the tough an resilient PVB interlayer and glass combination


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Structural Glazing

Structural Glazing systems are a brilliant, cost effective solution for contemporary glass design. Structural Glazing systems consist of a fully or partially framed internal finish, with the glass structurally glazed/adhered to the outside face. All to produce a complete flush silicone jointed external finish. Whilst the framed internal appearance is more traditional, structural glazing provides a high flexibility in regards to the sections utilised and framework finish.

From a weathering perspective, Structural Glazing systems are typically reliant on the application of sealant. Therefore once a Structural Glazing system has been installed and initially tested under severe weather conditions (assuming the seals not subsequently damaged/punctured), weather integrity should be maintained for at least 10 years from application (the warranty associated with this product).

As structural glazing systems do not rely on internal weep systems and subsequent drainage, they may be installed at as low as 3-5 degrees pitch (subject to application). In fact external walk on glass specifications are often installed as low as 1 degree pitch.

Our system comprises of structural glazing tapes, a polyurethane structural adhesive (air cured) and the internal face of the glass black primed locally over all supporting framework. The glass will be provided with a black spacer and silicone seal as standard, providing a complete black reflective appearance, which conceals the internal frame. Technically the glass does not need to be 4 edge supported (unless in conjunction with a walk-on glass design), making it feasible for many applications to contain unsupported glass to glass silicone joints.

It is important whilst installing structural glazing that the conditions and environment are correct for he product utilsed. Some adhesive methods involve UV light curing through the glass, which in turn may become less effective over spacer bar details. All vertical structural glazing at height should also be mechanically retained.

Most structural glazing structures will require perimeter interfacing framework which may be partially apparent around the structures external aesthetics. Predominantly however, structural glazing produces its own unique flush silicone jointed external finish. 


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Bolted Glazing

The use of sophisticated bolted glazing systems, where glass panels are attached directly to structural steelwork without using any intermediate framing, has grown significantly in recent years. Bolts attach the glass to brackets on the steel through pre-drilled holes in the glass panes. The bolts provide point support instead of the continuous edge support given by conventional frames.

Vertical glazing panels, up to 2 m x 2 m, can generally be supported using four corner fixings, whilst larger panels, up to 2 m x 4 m, typically require 6 fixings. Horizontal and inclined glazing may require more frequent supports.

Various types of bolted fixing have been developed. These include simple bolts, where the head is proud of the surface of the glass, and countersunk designs that are recessed into the glass. Articulated fixings are often used in conjunction with large panes on tall or long span, steel structures. As the glass panels and the supporting structure bend under the combined effects of self weight and applied loads, articulated bolts allow some rotation of the fixing.


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Aluminium Windows

Since our inception, we have developed a range of window and door products that are innovative, functional and stylish.

Wintec Aluminium windows and doors are an all Australian designed, tested and manufactured product, with modern designs and quality finish at the forefront of the Wintec philosophy.

An ongoing commitment to product development and service to our Australia wide fabricator base ensures that no matter where you are, you have access to the latest designs in the Window and Door industry.


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Metal Cladding

Metal cladding is a wall or roofing finish used on buildings. This product can be used on the inside or outside of a building. Since it is zinc-coated (galvanized), available in 24, 26 or 28-gauge thicknesses and has a minimum yield strength that exceeds 80 ksi, it offers increased longevity. Metal cladding is available in a pre-painted finish according to the color chart or in a galvanized finish only.

This product is recommended for use in high traffic areas such as garages, farm buildings, sugar shacks, fences and enclosures. Metal cladding offers superior resistance to impact and is competitively priced.


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Roofing & Sheeting Works

Roofing & Cladding are a refurbishment and maintenance contractor specialising in industrial roofing, cladding and associated services.. Some of our services are listed as follows: Resheeting, Oversheeting, Composite Panels, Rooflight Replacement, Single Ply Membranes, Flat Roofing, Gutter Replacement, Gutter Lining, Asbestos Cement Roof Repairs, Waterproof Coatings, Corrosion Treatments, Permanent safety Systems, Maintenance Contracts


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Interior Works

MIL offers interior design and decorating services with focus custom mile work and cabinetry. Our professional team spearhead by interior design consultant, specialize in space planning, design solutions, cabinetry design , renovation and much more. The team is highly experienced in a wide range of projects chic condoas to traditional country homes.


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